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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Great soundtrack :-) But why buy the seven soundtrack CDs? Use this little program to decode the music files from the GTA:VC DVD (note: requires the PS2 version):

  1. Copy the files from the GTA DVD (directory AUDIO) into a directory on your hard drive - the radio stations are the larger .VB files (90MB or more)
  2. Save the Decode program to the same directory (right-click and select Save Target As ...)
  3. To decode each .VB file into a 32 kHz .WAV file, use the Decode program from the command line:
    • Open a command-line window
    • CD to the directory containing the .VB files
    • Convert each VB file with the Decode program like this:
          decode vrock
  • The 32kHz .WAV files can be played using WinAmp or Windows Media Player
  • Use another program (e.g. CoolEdit) to convert the .WAV files to 44.1kHz if you wish to burn CDs
  • You can create .WAV files directly from a DVD using a command line like this:
        decode E:\AUDIO\VROCK.VB C:\ViceCityRadio\VROCK.WAV
  • The files POLICE.VB, KCHAT.VB and VCPR.VB are recorded at 16kHz. Use this command line to set the correct speed in the .WAV file:
        decode -r 16000 KCHAT
  • The program also works for the music from Grand Theft Auto 3! In this case, CHAT.VB is recorded at 16kHz and the rest at 32kHz.
  • There is also source code if you want it.
  • Enjoy!

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