Tiny Ted

- And His Friends -


Hello! I'm Tiny Ted and this is my website :-)



 I belong to Eddie Edwards and I was born in the winter of 1998. Debi bought me as a birthday present for Eddie but I was born early as, not long before his birthday, Eddie showed up at Debi's house and asked her to go out with him (again!). She said yes and gave me to Eddie there and then. Eddie named me Tiny Ted.

It was all so exciting for a newly born bear that I forgot to make a note of the date, but Eddie and Debi recently did some research and discovered my birthday is on 24th November :-)


 I have a few possessions of my own - a tiny mug with "Ted" on it, a pink fluffy sleeping bag and my own deck chair.


I've had many adventures since then, including trips to Paris, Venice, North and South Wales, the Lake District and a week touring North East France to see the solar eclipse. My best friend, Little Ted and I were Guests of Honour at Eddie and Debi's wedding this summer.


  Some of the Toys went to Maui with Eddie and Debi for their honeymoon.

Here are Little, Nano and me enjoying a glass of Dom Perignon on the balcony.

I now live with Eddie and Debi and lots of Toys in Santa Monica, California. I'll tell the tales of all my adventures, with sweet photos, in this website some day.

Now, I'd like to introduce my Friends.