The Nano Teds

  These are the three Nano Teds who live in Woof's tummy.

Nano Ted has been around for quite a long time, but lived in Toyland Rochester until Woof was born. Nano decided Woof's tummy looked like a nice place to live and moved in. They have been close friends ever since.

As you may guess from his name, Nano Ted is extremely small - only about an inch tall. He gets tired quickly so only comes out to play for short periods of time. His biggest adventure, along with the other two Nanos, was building Fort Nano on the beach in Hawaii.


Blim was a present from Steve and Anna. They found him and realised he must be a long lost brother of Nano Ted. He was welcomed into the family and named Blim, meaning a little bit of something. He took up residence in Woof's tummy along with his brother and loves his cosy new home.

Wedding Teddy is the third Nano Ted. He was one of about 60 white Nano Teds who were put into the ladies' favours at Eddie and Debi's wedding. As gentlemen don't usually get wedding favours, Debi saved Wedding Teddy to give to Eddie.

He managed to squeeze into Woof's tummy, but there's no room for any more Nanos!


 This is Fort Nano in Maui.