The Sesame Street Toys


These are all the Toys from Sesame Street.

They arrived in cereal packets!

On the left is Elmo. He was the first of our Sesame Street Toys and is the most famous.


On the right is Oscar The Grouch. He lives in a dustbin and loves trash!

On the left is Bert. He likes pigeons and lives with best friend, Ernie.


Ernie is on the right.  He loves taking baths with Rubber Duckie!

 Twiddlebug is on the left. He lives in Ernie's flower box on Sesame Street.


Rubber Duckie, on the right, is Ernie's favourite toy. He features in the bathtime song "Rubber Duckie".

 On the left is Baby Bear and on the right is his friend Baby Natasha.

Neither of them are old enough to say much yet!

Benny Rabbit, on the left, is a bellhop at the Furry Arms Hotel on Sesame Street.


Honker is on the right. He likes to say "Honk"!