Little Ted



Little Ted is my best friend. He belongs to Debi and was a Christmas present from Eddie in 1995, so he celebrates his birthday on Christmas Day.

Little Ted is very sweet and has accompanied me on most of my adventures.

He's had a few of his own too, going on holiday with Debi and her parents to Turkey, Sardinia and Corsica and for many weekends away including Debi's hen weekend in Cambridge.

Little Ted's favourite thing is his red, white and green woolly hat. He sometimes claims he wears it because he's Welsh, but I think it's really because he was born at Christmas.


He has another hat for special occasions. Debi made it for him so he would look smart at the wedding.

When he's not off adventuring, Little Ted spends his time relaxing on the sofa.


He shares my fondness for red wine and vintage champagne, but it was drinking a giant bottle of vodka that was his undoing here ;-)

Here's a sweet photo of us together!