Fileas Phrog

Fileas Phrog was Eddie's birthday present from Debi in 1999. When Eddie found him in a shop, Debi pretended she didn't like him so she could go back and buy him later as a surprise. Both Eddie and Fileas were a bit worried by this, but it all turned out OK in the end :-)

Fileas loves the colour green and his favourite word is "Ribbit".

He likes Frog's Leap wine because the cork has the word Ribbit on it! It's not bad wine either ;-)

Fileas Loves music and enjoys playing the guitar.

He hopes to compose a decent song about frogs one day, as he only knows of The Frog Chorus at the moment! If anyone knows any other songs about frogs, please let him know.


Fileas is very intrepid and likes to explore green places.

He particularly enjoyed the Road to Hana in Maui. It's thirty miles of country road winding through a green rainforest.

He can be seen here checking out the view from a tree in the arboretum.