Debi's Recipe Pages


 These are all tried and tested recipes.

Many were inspired by dishes I've enjoyed in restaurants, then attempted to recreate at home.

Some are adapted from recipes in books, others recommended by friends and some are entirely my own invention!

All contributions gratefully received! I'd like at least one recipe from each of my friends really, so get your thinking caps on and email me your favourite recipes.


1. Your Starter For Ten - Appetizers and snacks that can be prepared in ten minutes or less.


2. Here's One I Made Earlier - Prepare in advance and produce, as if by magic, later.


3. Attention Seeking - Meals that require some "slaving over a hot stove", but are worth the effort.


4. Tasty Bit On The Side - Attempts to make vegetables more appealing.


5. Waste Not Want Not - Recycling leftovers and juggling ingredients.


6. The Great Outdoors - Cool ideas for hot barbeques and lazy picnics.


7. Sweetie Darling - Puddings, cakes and other yummy things.


8. Liquid Lunch - Is it a health drink? Is it a meal? No, its a cocktail!


The Small Print:

I don't often measure things when I'm cooking; just throwing in things until it looks about right. I've tried hard to put measurements in my recipes, but do use your own judgement. The same goes for cooking times; if it doesn't look cooked, leave it in longer!